March 15, 2020 – Social Distancing

March 15, 2020 – Social Distancing

A video message by Pastor David Jacobson


  1. Leslie Fraley

    Thank You, Pastor David for your video sermon, this Sunday, March 15. Well done! We all need to stay connected through God’s word and you spoke His words to those who will listen; those who seek the Lord and love the Lord; and there are those who are lost and don’t want to listen and we as individuals who do listen must reach out continually (stay socially connected) to those who do not listen and are lost, in the hope they find their way to the Lord. The Lord is our hope and salvation in a world that is so not perfect. Thank you for your service to the Lord! Reaching out to all God’s people. Bless you and your loving family during this very real and turbulent crisis as we all journey on. Bless you!

    • David Jacobson

      Amen! Leslie, thank you so much for watching and for your kind words. I’m glad that you got something encouraging out of the message.

  2. Valerie Burgess

    I loved the sermon but would of hoped for you to pick up guitar.

    I’m interested in the on line bible study group you mentioned. If you could please let me know more my email address is

    Thank you, God bless

    Valerie Burgess

    • David Jacobson

      Thanks for watching and commenting, Valerie! I see that my guitar prop was a bigger tease than I meant. I was trying to cover up the ugly mic stand 🙂 Perhaps another time. I’m still working out the details of remote bible study. I’ll let you know if when we pull it off.

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