The CUMC Building IS Closed

As a result of the declared State of Emergency by Governor Hogan and at the direction of Bishop Easterling, the CUMC Administrative Council has taken the following actions in an effort to protect our community and church members, support the efforts of the State, and stop the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Effective Friday, March 13th at 3:00 PM the CUMC building is closed to all groups. All church and non-church activities which were scheduled in the building in March and April are cancelled.*
  • All services for March and April are cancelled.

The situation will always be re-evaluated based upon the status of the State of Emergency enacted by Governor Hogan.

Information about live streaming and connecting via conference call on Sunday is forthcoming. Watch facebook and for the latest information.

* There are always some exceptions. Meals-on-Wheels and AA may still use the building.

Announcements (Updated April 2)

Stay safe and order your spring flowers through our scouts to support their high adventure trip this summer. We have a large variety of flats and hanging baskets, and deliver to your door the Friday before Mothers Day! Quality is always awesome. Here’s a link to the order form and photos: Orders are due this Friday, April 3.

Sunday is Palm Sunday! Help us to make it (even more) memorable! Go outside and find a leafy green branch. If you can’t get outside or can’t find one, cut a palm branch out of paper. Then just take a 5-10 second video of you and your family smiling and waving the palm branches around. Say “Hosanna” if you want! Share the clip with Pastor David (, or via other means) by noon on Saturday (April 4) and he’ll include it in a “Virtual Parade” set to music. Watch your email on Sunday for instructions on how to view the worship video/live stream. It will be shared on Facebook and on our web site under Online Worship.

Saturday’s Collection Cancelled: Catonsville Emergency Assistance has stopped accepting donations at this time. For that reason our collection of donations for this Saturday is cancelled.

Visit our 24-7 Prayer page to sign up for an hour of prayer during Holy Week (next week). The page has also been updated with lots of ways to help you use your hour of prayer. Pastor David also spoke about this in a recent live stream. If you have questions or need help, contact Pastor David (

Our 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study is continuing to meet remotely via conference call (and/or video conference). Please contact Marge and Jeff Odom if you are interested in joining (, 410-356-3622)

Our Prayer Course is continuing to meet remotely at 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays. For the best experience, download the Zoom app. Access the meeting using this link: . Alternatively, dial 312-626-6799 then enter 526085980# when prompted.

Thank you to those who have been calling members of their church family to check in. As a congregation, let’s try to call at least one other person from church per day. Let’s continue to stay connected!

The church office is closed. Emails and phone messages are being checked regularly.

Pastor David and Pastor Jeff continue to be available to provide pastoral care. Both can be reached by phone, by email, or through the church office.

Blessing Box – New Mission Project for CUMC
A Blessing Box is an honor system Food pantry, where people in need can take food. Ours is located in the garden just beyond the parking lot as you exit the doors from Asbury Hall. If you are interested in helping to provide food for this project, please stop by the Missions bulletin board across from the Library for more information – When the church building re-opens.

Pastor David’s Letter of March 27

A Message from Pastor David
Friends and Members of CUMC,

At this time, the CUMC building will remain closed until the first Sunday of May.

I do not have to tell you what an unprecedented time this is. It is saddening, if not entirely surprising, that we will not be able to meet in person for the month of April. Of course, nobody knows how long this crisis will last. As of now, we hope to begin to return to worship in person for the first Sunday of May.

It is hard to imagine not being together in person for Easter, or even to share in an Easter egg hunt! Yet, as much as I look forward to the crowd, the lilies, the big hymns, and the atmosphere of Easter morning, this year we are reminded in a pointed way that Easter was never about our experience of worship. Easter is always about Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.

24-7 Prayer

We have marked 2020 out as a “Year of Prayer.” One of the boldest ways that we are living into this is that we are setting apart Holy Week (April 5 – 12) as a time of non-stop prayer. Thankfully, prayer is something that we can continue to do in this time of pandemic!

You can sign up in one hour time slots as we seek to cover the whole week in prayer. In this next week, we will share some prayer tools (e.g. this 60 minute coronavirus prayer guide) that you can use to help you navigate the time. Please sign up for as many time slots as you believe that you can realistically do. Perhaps that’s just one. Perhaps it’s the same hour every day. Perhaps you even want to set apart a whole morning as an at-home prayer retreat! Overlapping is fine (good, even if that person is a prayer partner!). Our theme is “New Life!”

Is there any doubt that we need to pray now more than ever? In our modern mindsets, we are so used to being able to spend or innovate our way out of every problem. Yet the church, the world, and even we ourselves at times, face problems that are completely unsolvable using our best human efforts and ingenuity. We have an opportunity to turn to God perhaps more fervently and earnestly than ever before. You can be part of something big that God wants to do on the earth!

Check out our 24-7 prayer page for more information:

Prayer Walks
At the beginning of March, we hosted a prayer walk, where a group of us walked the block around the church and prayed for the things that God put on our hearts. Although it is unwise for us to walk together in April, due to the highly infectious nature of this virus, I want to encourage you to consider taking a prayer walk on your own. You can do it in the area immediately around where you live. Here is a helpful resource from Pete Greig and 24-7 Prayer to guide you.

May God continue to guard and keep you as we journey together through these strange and challenging times.

Yours in Christ’s Service,
Pastor David