We’re passionate about being a place where you and your family can grow in faith in Jesus Christ and connect with others for the journey.

Explore Your Faith

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to ask the big questions of life: What is my purpose? What happens when I die? Why is there suffering? Alpha is a place to explore these questions about life, faith, and meaning in a unpressured environment. More information is here.

Grow your faith

All are welcome in Sunday worship. We worship at 8:30 a.m. (“Blended” traditional and contemporary), 10:00 a.m. (Traditional), and 7:00 p.m. (Contemporary). We live stream the 10:00 a.m. service on our YouTube Channel.

For Those with Children/Youth

For Adults

There are small groups that meet weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays to study the Bible.

Stay Connected to the Church

If there is any other way that we can serve you, please reach out to office@catonsvilleumc.org.